Friday, 07 February 2014 10:33

Grandmother settles High Court personal injury claim against 2 dentists

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A 63 year old grandmother from Kiltimagh in Co Mayo has settled her High Court personal injury* claim against 2 dentists who are husband and wife.

The grandmother took the High Court action against the 2 dentists after she was left with persistent chronic facial pain from cosmetic dental surgery carried out by the female dentist. The grandmother alleged that the female dentist told her that the whole process would take a few months and that she "would be eating steak by Christmas 2008”. It was claimed that the grandmother was in chronic pain after the surgery and was referred to the male dentist to deal with her pain. It later transpired that the 2 dentists were engaged to be married to each other at the time.

The grandmother claimed that the husband dentist was negligent in his treatment of her after being referred to him by his then fiancée. It was alleged that he carried out surgery to remove one of the implants but that was excruciatingly painful and had no effect on her persistent chronic pain. She was referred to a pain specialist in St. Vincent’s Hospital however she was advised that her chronic pain was permanent with highly restricted options for palliative relief. She claimed that they told her that her injuries were resulting from the original surgery by the wife dentist. She was also advised that she would have to travel to Belgium for further treatment as it was not available in Ireland.

Ms Justice Bronagh O'Hanlon of the High Court was told that the personal injury action against the 2 dentists had been settled and could be struck out on the basis of an apology being read out to the court. The apology stated “The defendants wish to apologise unreservedly for the pain and suffering they have caused and earnestly hope the settlement of this action will bring her some consolation for the pain and suffering caused”.

*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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