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Successful results for our clients

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This is a brief summary of successful accident claims* for our clients: 

  • Case 1

Achieved a settlement of €12,700 for a 78 year old pensioner involved in a road traffic accident. The client was travelling on a main road when the Respondent drove through a stop sign into the side of our client’s car. She suffered whiplash, back and knee injuries. An application was made to the Injuries Board and thereafter we negotiated a settlement with the Respondent’s insurers. The client was very pleased with the outcome.


  • Case 2

We acted for the parents of a two year old boy who was knocked down as a pedestrian. He sustained fractures to his right leg. We succeeded in obtaining an offer of settlement of €25,000 for the infant, which monies were then lodged in Court until his eighteenth birthday.


  • Case 3

Our client was rear ended when he was stopped his car. An application was made to the Injuries Board. The assessment of the claim by the Injuries Board was rejected by the Respondent’s solicitors however they made an offer of €5,900.00 to include general and special damages to settle. We advised our client to reject this offer and Circuit Court proceedings were issued. We managed to settle the action for €7,250.00 plus special damages and legal costs. The client was delighted with this result.


  • Case 4

Secured compensation of €87,500 in a personal injury* action taken by a Plaintiff. The Plaintiff sustained personal injuries whilst on a ski holiday in France whilst she was a passenger on a tour bus which went off the road. Proceedings were initiated against the tour operator and the foreign bus company. The Plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries to her knee, bruising to her chest, soft tissue injuries to her back and lacerations. The preparation of the case involved obtaining the foreign judgments from the Court of Justice in France and confirming the relevant witnesses from France that would have to travel to give evidence at the hearing of the case. Liability was finally conceded when we advised the witnesses to travel from France and furnished them with translations of the foreign judgments.


  • Case 5

Our client was a courier who was knocked off his bicycle by a motorist sustaining soft tissue injuries to his knee, elbows and hip. The Injuries Board assessed compensation of €17,000 and additionally for his out of pocket expenses, a further €3,300 to include a loss of earnings claim and the damage to his pushbike. A detailed analysis of his loss of earnings was submitted to the Board who approved the claim in full.


  • Case 6

We acted for the parents of a child who was injured on a bus. A claim was brought against the bus company through the Injuries Board. We secured the sum of €13,500.00 in respect of general damages together with all special damages.


*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


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